Love Who You Are

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Ms. I want to begin this conversation with a simple question. Who are you? Think about that for a moment.

Now I would like you to take a second to write down your answer. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why is that so important? Well, because whatever you’ve written down is the most telling factor about how you not only view yourself, but also how others perceive you. The question of self-identification is perhaps the most fundamental issue of your life.

You Have A Purpose

When you were born, it is a certainty, that you came wrapped in raw, unfettered destiny.

With that said, I believe you possess an identity that’s uniquely yours. In fact, why don’t you consider what makes you different from everyone else? It’s ok if at first you are uncertain about how to respond. Take your time, perhaps you’ve never really looked within yourself to answer the question:

What makes you unique?

Really, isn’t that where self-love begins, at the point of your own self-reflection? How you see yourself is tremendously important because if you allow others to interpret your self-image who can say whether you will like what you see?

Face Off

Can I ask you another serious question? Who or what is defining your self-image? I wonder whether the persona you carry today truly represents who you are, or if it is just a shallow portrayal of someone else you would rather be? Only you know the truth. This sort of notion isn’t too far-fetched, since it appears to have become the norm these days. There are those of us who are not happy with ourselves or the lives we are currently living.

As such, there is a tendency for us to simply abandon our own selves, taking on another person’s persona as a result.

Who are you trying to be like anyway?

Is it Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Angelina? If you are married, whose marriage are you trying to model yours after, if not your own? Whose life do you desire to imitate? Open your eyes! Tell me what you see because whatever is superficial or unauthentic, only you can change it.

Blog Post by: Derrick J. Little

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