Updated: Jun 5, 2020

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far more valuable than rubies. The heart of her husband is so secure that he has no need for any other treasure.” - Proverbs 31:10, 11

The Real Question

Have you ever wondered to yourself... What is virtuousness?

Well, in my opinion, it is the purest essence of the feminine psyche.

It Is Your Identity

Furthermore, it is an attitude of regality, which embodies confidence and grace; it is the uncompromising standard which reflects a woman’s moral and intellectual state of being. This is what some would call a “constant” not a variable. Virtuousness is no different to a woman than her hands, feet, nose or mouth, it’s the part of her identity that should never change.      

It Is All About Your Worth

A woman’s virtuousness is the undercurrent in her life, which should temper every facet.

Self image, self worth, self government, moral character, love, relationships, family, business, everything that encompasses her life should be marked by it. This is not just a simple gimmick or some slick play on words. It is what it is, and so I hope your interest is peaked because we’re  going deeper.

Strive To Epitomize Virtuousness

Now that you have been introduced to the existence of the concept of virtuousness I want to ask a question. Have you ever noticed any trace of it in your own life? Perhaps you have, but just weren’t aware that it should be embraced as a part of you.  Think about the natural demeanor of a little girl?

Most are unconsciously consumed with just how “wonderful” they are. It is a wonderful feeling they have about themselves that wasn’t captured from any magazine, television show, or movie.

As it would appear, they are simply born that way.

Personally, I have seven other siblings, four of whom are sisters. I can remember how, as children, my twin brother and I would play outside. We built sand castles, climbed trees, and sometimes we even wanted our sisters to join us during certain adventures; but they would say “no we don’t want to do that cause’ we’re girls!”

Can’t you just hear the sheer vanity?

Oh well, I guess they just couldn’t see the triumph in building the palace of “Camelot,” considering that they rather enjoyed more the delicate slosh of their silly mud pies.

Perhaps, while we were consumed with achieving feats of bravery and adventure, they felt too “wonderful” to participate. Psssss... Have you ever had that feeling? Surely you have!

I Am A Lady

Are you familiar with Martin Lawrence’s comedic characterization of a woman named “Shaneneh?” As outrageous as she could be, there was still a slither of consciousness that reminded her that, “I’m a lady!” I guess the point I want to make here is that your virtuousness should embody who you are as a woman.

Blog Post by: Derrick J. Little 

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